Wild & Warm Pajama Set

Wild & Warm Pajama Set the perfect blend of untamed charm and cuddly comfort for your little ones. Crafted with soft fleece, this set ensemble features a delightful cheetah print that’s both wild and cute, making an adventure in your little one’s day. The set includes a cozy sweatshirt and matching trousers, designed to keep your girls snug and stylish. Whether it’s for sleepovers or lounging, these pajamas offer the purr-fect balance of warmth and whimsy. Let your young explorers embrace the wild side of dreamland with our Wild & Warm Pajama Set.

  • Soft fleece material
  • Cheetah print design for a wild yet cute look
  • Includes a cozy sweatshirt and matching trousers
  • Offers warmth and comfort for girls
  • Perfect blend of style and comfort


Weight 1 kg


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