Baby Girl Black Flower Sandals Shoes



Just Toddler Store has introduced a collection of sophisticated princess sandals tailored for your little royalty. These exquisite baby girl black flower sandals are a testament to craftsmanship, as each flower is meticulously handcrafted from delicate net material. The attention to detail in creating these sandals ensures that they are not just shoes but pieces of art for your precious princess. What sets these sandals apart is the thoughtful addition of a matching headband. This headband, adorned with the same intricate floral design, can be worn like a crown, allowing your baby girl to feel like a true princess.

Furthermore, the sandals are designed with comfort and style in mind. The sole is intentionally soft and thin, providing not only a comfortable fit but also an added touch of grace to your little one’s steps. These sandals are not just functional footwear; they are fashion statements for your little princess, making her feel special and stylish on any occasion.

  • Made of Cotton
  • Imported from China
  • Net Flower Design
  • Head Bow along with pairs of Sandals
  • Elegant Design

Weight 1 kg


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